Welcome to Dungeness, Kent, UK

Not only for the benefits and pleasures of the residents but also for the enthusiastic ‘supporters’ of this unique parcel of land. Also of interest, we hope, to the casual browser stumbling by in the early hours of a morning.

This site is absolutely nothing to do with the Dungeness Residents Association – they are now producing their own site although space will always be provided to reproduce any items of news emanating from that source. This site is completely independent and non-profit making – which is a great pity- – and any views expressed are that of the author.

This site will give you direct access via the various links to other sites closely and in some cases not so closely associated with Dungeness Estate. Via the ‘Contact Us’ button you may leave your comments, raise any questions and possibly leave photographs, anecdotes, personal associations with Dungeness and hopefully get embroiled in the livelihood of the community that is known as Dungeness (UK).

Although we shall be commenting on local issues ‘The Looker‘, a fortnightly locally produced magazine covers the surrounding Romney Marsh area with all its back issues available on line – just click on the link.

This sites author is semi retired – can’t afford full retirement with a 12 year old daughter – purchased his shack on beach in 1971, moving more or less permanently in 1977.

As previously mentioned the site is completely independent and no funding is provided from any outside source. It was offered to the local Residents Association – for free – but this was not taken up – but heyho – I can say what I want!!